Ideas for Wedding Bouquets Using the Bible

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For a bride from a Christian tradition, carrying a Bible down the aisle at her wedding is significant evidence of her faith. Brides also wish to carry a bouquet of flowers specially chosen for the important occasion. The trick is to find a way to meld the desire to carry a Bible and the tradition of holding a bouquet on the big day. This balance requires creativity and imagination.

Make It Simple

The bride who is planning a classic, traditional wedding can use a standard black Bible with gold lettering. A family Bible would be appropriate in this situation if the family Bible isn't too unwieldy. With this Bible, use a single flower or a few flowers arranged in a spray arrangement over the top of the Bible. Encircle the Bible with wide lace to make a sleeve. Fasten closed. Attach a flower or flowers to the lace. This ensures the Bible is not harmed. The bride must decide the type and color of flower to attach to the lace. For example, a red rose simply says, “I love you.” After the wedding, slip the lace with the flowers off the Bible.

Make It Contemporary

A bride with a more contemporary wedding may prefer to carry a contemporary Bible or a white bride's Bible as she walks down the aisle to repeat her wedding vows. Using the Bible the bride reads and studies for her own devotional and worship times adds significance to the gesture. You can also find a Bible with a cover that reflects the colors the bride has chosen for her wedding. Use the Bible as the base for a flower arrangement that also reflects the wedding colors. The bride can carry the Bible with greenery and flowers spilling out from the center of the cover.

Pocket Bible

If the bride wishes to express her faith with a Bible as part of her wedding bouquet, start with a pocket Bible or New Testament. Create the flower bouquet around the New Testament with the flowers toward the bride higher and the flowers toward the front of the bouquet shorter to reveal glimpses of the pocket Bible or New Testament. The color of the pocket Bible or New Testament can be either the standard, traditional black or another color suited to the bride's chosen wedding colors.

Plastic Miniatures

Create the bouquet with whatever flowers, greenery, ribbons and lace the bride chooses. Instead of using a real Bible, buy small, white plastic Bibles. You can find these at hobby stores or some department stores. Add wire or stems to the miniature Bibles to tuck into the bouquet.