Ideas for Topping Crackers

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See crackers in a whole new light. Forget bland, starchy saltine squares of the past. Today crackers are available in gourmet flavors or made with a variety of grains. Look at your crackers as miniature, crunchy flat breads, which are the perfect blank canvas for covering with a topping. Pairing crackers with toppings will give you a wider range of snack options, ranging from casual to chic.

Nut Butters

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Create a snack-size version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a cracker. Spread a teaspoonful of each on top of a plain soda cracker for a flavor more closely akin to a sandwich made with white bread or opt for a more upscale option. Try almond butter or sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter and explore new fruit spreads for your crackers, such as apple butter or fig preserves. Eat the topped crackers open-faced or place two on top of each other with the spreads in between for a sandwich.

Cheese and Fruit

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Take the old standard of cheese and crackers to the next level with the addition of fruit. Combine cheddar slices or a smear of cream cheese with thinly sliced apples or pears. Try cream cheese with berries. Top a whole grain cracker with shaved Parmesan and fresh or dried figs. Cottage cheese and canned peach slices on rye crackers uses convenience products for a minimum of preparation.

Savory Spreads

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Hummus is a chickpea puree flavored with sesame paste. Spread a little of this onto a plain cracker and top it with strips of red bell pepper or a sprinkle of garlic powder for a twist on hummus and pita bread. Serve smoked salmon slices with chives on top of a cracker spread with cream cheese. Using a cracker instead of a bagel makes this a less filling option for a light snack instead of a hearty breakfast. For an upscale party appetizer, spoon a small amount of caviar onto thin water crackers. The wafer-thin crackers have very little flavor to not distract the taste buds from experiencing the full flavor of the caviar.

Carnivorous Creations

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Even if crackers are a snack, meat is still an option for non-vegetarians. Try cranberry sauce topped with turkey slices. Consider warming mozzarella and pepperoni-topped crackers in the oven for one to two minutes to melt the cheese if you want a pizza-inspired treat. Top whole wheat crackers with tuna salad or chicken salad as a light lunch or snack. Have breakfast for a snack with bacon crumbled on top of a slice of boiled egg or a spoon of scrambled eggs on top of a cracker.

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