Ideas for Table Flower Arrangements

Fresh flower arrangements can completely change the vibe and freshen up the look of a room, but they can also be very expensive. Never fear; you can extend your DIY skills to this challenging arena without taking a class or blowing your whole budget.

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Use Single Flowers to Make New Designs

Orchids are beautiful, elegant and can be purchased in almost every supermarket or flower shop. With only a few craft supplies, you can DIY an arrangement with much more character than an overpriced store bought purchase. You can even attach a photo for a lovely sentimental touch.

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Mix Books and Flowers for Vintage Charm

This centerpiece boasts an impressive number of design elements -- wood, paper flowers, real flowers, a book and burlap -- all neatly boxed up for a striking aesthetic statement. The possibilities are limitless: use classic white roses or whimsical wildflowers, a book of poetry or photos, a box of natural wood or one that's brightly painted.

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Use Vintage Soda Crates for Containers

Instead of a typical planter, use vintage soda crates for added charm. If you need more than one, you’ll need to plan a few months in advance, because finding vintage soda crates may take some scouring of flea markets and antique stores. Add your own elements to compliment your favorite flowers and swap them out to keep the centerpiece alive year-round.

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Spell It Out With Flowers

Spell a word or initials on painted pails or terra-cotta pots for a cute mantlepiece, centerpiece or front porch addition. Add soil and seeds to make this a living decorative piece. Best of all, you probably have most of the supplies at home. It can be modified for any holiday (ex. “NOEL” for a Christmas decoration) and then repainted to use for the next holiday.

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Make Your Own Professional-Quality Arrangement

While big floral DIY projects are beautiful and impressive, sometimes you just need a classic floral arrangement to set off the room. These tips make it easy to create a stunning arrangement that will look like you spent a small fortune. It’s much easier than it looks, and after you make one, you’ll never pay a florist again.

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Skip the Flowers and Go Succulent

Succulents are relatively easy to keep alive, fit with many styles of decor and add a lovely green touch to any room. Group several succulent wreaths together on an outdoor wall for a vertical garden effect, or leave it horizontal as a centerpiece.

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Give Your Flowers a Gorgeous Vase

This gold vase will add an extra touch of class to your centerpiece. Gold leaf kits can be found for a reasonable price at art stores and clear glass vases can be found at thrift stores or dollar stores. Use your newfound flower arranging skills to make this vase really stand out.

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Arrange a Store-Bought Bouquet for a Whimsical Centerpiece

After you’ve embellished a vase with gold leaf, you can quickly and easily create a professional-grade arrangement with floral tape, scissors, greenery and a few types of flowers. Use lots of green pieces for a lush, full look that’s perfect for a table or counter. Arrange several smaller vases in a line down the table for an elongated centerpiece.

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