Ideas for Something to Put Cards in at a Wedding

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When planning a wedding reception, it is important to consider every last detail of the event, right down to where guests will put their cards. Always provide guests with a receptacle on the gift table to deposit those cards. This is a great way to guarantee that nothing gets lost and a fun way to add to the overall decor of the reception.

Wishing Well

A wishing well painted white and surrounded by flowers in the color of the wedding party makes a wonderful centerpiece on the gift table. Wishing well models are found at most craft stores in the wooden products section of the store. Use white acrylic paint to cover the entire surface of the wood. Make sure the well has a large enough hole where guests will be about to drop their cards. Provide small white cards next to the wishing well for guests to write a wish upon and to also drop into the well.

Bird Cage

Most craft stores carry a wide range of decorative bird cages in a range of prices. White metal cages made of either steel or wrought iron work well and are attractive sitting on the gift table at the reception. Place a silk bird on the stand inside the cage and decorate with a variety of greenery and flowers to match the color scheme of the wedding. Guests can slip their cards through the bars of the cage or open the door and slip their cards inside.

Card Tree

A fun and simple way to collect cards at a wedding reception is by creating a card tree. From a craft store, purchase a silk evergreen tree that is the appropriate size for a table. On the limbs of the tree, attach small green alligator clips, which are found at home improvement stores. They will blend into the tree. Guests can attach their cards to the limbs of the tree with the clips.

Antique Chest

Visit an antique store or craft store in search of a chest resembling an old treasure chest. Leave the chest in its original form or paint it to match the color scheme of the wedding. Place the chest on the gift table at the reception for guests to open and slip their cards inside. The happy couple will enjoy the chest as a keepsake and reminder of their wedding day for many years to come.