Ideas for Retirement Party Invitations

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Of all the reasons to celebrate and throw a party, retirement is near the top of the list. When throwing a retirement party, place special attention on the invitations. Party invitations are not only a way to request someone’s presence at the celebration, but it also lets the invitees know the theme and the overall mood of the party. If you want to create your own retirement party invitations, let the guest of honor and his interests influence you.

Picture of Honoree

After all the years of work your guest of honor has put in, placing his picture on an invitation is often a deserving tribute. One option is to feature the guest of honor in a respected light with a picture that shows him smiling or with his family. Another option is to use a picture that is humorous or depicts him in a relaxed manner. For instance, place a caricature of the guest of honor on the invitation, suggests the Party 411 website. You could use a picture in which the retiree is posing or acting in a goofy manner. Doing so lets your guests know that the party will be fun and laid back. If you don’t have a caricature of the honoree, visit a website that will create one for you.

Pictures of Hobby or Destination

It’s an old cliché that those who retire play golf all day instead of going to work. If this is a reality for your guest of honor, indicate that on the invitation by featuring pictures of golf clubs and balls. If your guest of honor enjoys sewing or scrapbooking and plans on doing more now that she is retired, feature pictures of sewing needles and scrapbook materials on the invite. You could include a picture of a destination the honoree plans on visiting now that she doesn’t have to go to work. Simply copy pictures from a vacation brochure onto the invitation. For a bit of fun, add a phrase such as, “If you’re looking for Susan, she’s out for lunch in Hawaii.”

Humorous Phrase

Featuring a humorous phrase or quote on the invitation celebrates the guest of honor’s retirement in a lighthearted way. The Samples Help website suggests using a simple postcard for the invitation with the quote and party information on the back, or using a folded notelet format and inserting the quote on the left side of the invitation. Some funny quotes to choose from include “Retirement: World’s Longest Coffee Break,” “The Trouble With Retirement is That You Never Get a Day Off” and “The Best Time to Think About Your Retirement is Before the Boss Does.” Choose a quote based on your honoree’s personality and circumstances. Avoid any quotes that may offend your guests and choose lighthearted, funny phrases.