Ideas for Retirement Flyers

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Part of the retirement process involves having a farewell party for the departing employee. Retirement flyers announce that special milestone, especially in companies and corporations with a large employee base. It is a fast, inexpensive way to get the word out. Retirement flyers best serve their purpose when they are designed with the retiree's character and preferences in mind. Your flyer can applaud, encourage, tease or motivate a retiree.


Leaving a job and retiring makes some employees a bit sad. Humorous retirement flyers lighten that farewell gloom by highlighting what she will not miss when she goes; for example, a picture of the retiree's most difficult customer or a copy of the next week's worst work assignments. Some retirees have a humorous bent by nature and enjoy being the butts of retirement jokes, with flyers touting their past job failures as accomplishments during employment; for example, you might write "The only coach to have a consistent losing streak" or "Join us in bidding farewell to the secretary guaranteed to always be late -- she might or might not show up."


Retirees may be at peace with the decisions to retire but long for formal acknowledgment of a job well done as they exit the workforce. For a retiree like this, create a flyer that touts the many professional accomplishments he made in his life. Highlight awards received, goals met and honors bestowed. Include pictures of the retiree in his "moment of glory" at the company picnic, the annual banquet or receiving the plaque from headquarters. Make this flyer a bit fancy or formal, perhaps with gold-foil trim and calligraphy, with the name in bold type.


Remind fellow employees and your retiree what he has been saying he will do when he retires. Paste clip-art photos on the retirement flyers that match the retiree's interest, such as a golf club for a golfer or a tennis racket for the tennis player. If grandchildren make the sun rise and set for the retiree, ask his family for pictures to scan for your flyer, so fellow workers get a look at what drives him.


Send your retiree on her way with flyers that announce her retirement and motivate her to do bigger and better things in life. Remind her through the flyers you blanket at the office that life isn't over at retirement. Design a retirement flyer that challenges her to conquer a new horizon. Place her picture on top of a Mount Everest photo and add a quote from a motivational or spiritual person she admires. As she passes through the work halls and break room during her remaining days, she will be reminded to dream big.