Ideas for Parting Gifts

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When you want to express your gratitude to your guests after a successful event, party or weekend, give them thoughtful parting gifts. Parting gifts can be homey or elegant, but need not be expensive. Ideas for parting gifts may include gourmet chocolates, CD music mixes, elegant flowers or gift baskets. For more elaborate affairs, combine gift ideas.


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As your guests prepare to leave present each one with a box of decadent chocolates. If your party is in the spring, give boxes of chocolate-dipped strawberries. You can't lost with chocolate truffles. Take the gift to another level and make it dark chocolate truffles.


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If your party included music, think about creating mix-CDs with the music you played during the party. Use a computer program, such as Windows Media Player to burn CDs of memories. Office supply and discount stores sell affordable packages of CDs. This parting gift can be an especially appropriate at the end of a wedding reception or large birthday party. If your party is more intimate or did not include music, give each guest a CD of his or her favorite music.


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Flowers make a gracious statement for your guests as they leave. Place single roses wrapped pastel flower paper in individual vases. Keep the flowers by the door to give to each guest as he or she leaves. Include a flower card expressing how much you appreciate your guest's presence at your affair. For luxurious events, give live orchids, which you can find at garden centers.


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Gift baskets offer an opportunity to show your guests personal attention. Fill small baskets with a scented pillar candle, a scented votive candle, candle plate and votive candle holder. If you want to pamper your guests, add a small box of truffles and a selection of scented soaps.