Ideas for National Customer Service Appreciation Week

In 1992, the United States Congress announced that the first week in October would be National Customer Service Week. The goal of this week was to recognize and thank customer service representatives for their excellent work. Although many companies do not participate, others use the week to boost morale and show their appreciation.


To show appreciation for the customer service department, celebrate for the entire week. Decorate the customer service area with posters, balloons, banners and streamers to boost morale and generate excitement. Encourage the workers to help with decorating the area if they wish. Use the celebration as an opportunity to publicly thank the employees for their excellent work. Share their accomplishments by posting signs with the average number of calls they handle in a week, positive survey results and the dollar amount of sales they have reached in a specific time frame.

Hold a big party at the end of the week to thank the employees. Take the customer service representatives out to lunch or dinner to celebrate. If possible, have lunch or dinner away from the office; a non-work-related environment will help the employees relax and truly enjoy the time without thinking of work. The group might also enjoy a fun activity, such as bowling, miniature golf or a local sporting event.


One of way to celebrate is to have theme days. Each day of the week will have a different theme, such as backwards day, sports day and hat day. Allow employees to dress according to the theme and incorporate it into the decorations, activities and snacks provided. On sports day, customer service representatives can wear their favorite sports jersey or T-shirt, the office can be decorated with sports logos, and snacks can include hot dogs and nachos.

Less extensive activities can also be used. For example, hold trivia contests and allow employees to enter raffles for prizes. End the week by asking customer service representatives to meet and discuss topics essential for excellent customer service. Have representatives discuss the sources of stress they face at work and possible strategies for eliminating them. Discuss tactics for maintaining a positive attitude, relieving stress and staying healthy.


Thank your customer service representatives by giving them small gifts each day of the week. The gifts do not need to be expensive or elaborate. When selecting gifts, think of products the employees might be able to use at work. For example, a travel coffee mug or pre-filled candy dish can be kept on the desk for a constant reminder of your appreciation. Other gift ideas include a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the company logo, stress relievers, personalized notepads or gift cards to a local restaurant.