Ideas for Monuments

The task of creating a monument doesn't have to be monumental. Whether you are immortalizing something that is of great community or personal importance, the right monument can help convey an appropriate and apt message. Using your personal experience and imagination, you can create a number of different ideas for monuments.


Monuments can depict persons of historical significance. This significance can be global or local. Choose a person that created positive change for your community. For a monument of a person, either depict the entire person or the bust of that person. Ideas for persons of national historical significance are popular presidents, like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, or pioneers in the sciences or arts, like the Wright brothers or Ralph Waldo Emerson. If choosing a local influence, consider founders of your town or famous people that were born and raised there.

Important Events

Build a monument that relates to a local or international event that affected your community. For example, create a monument for the abolishment of slavery in the United States or to the fallen heroes of a world war. Local events to pay tribute to include the erection of important buildings in the community that have passed, such as the first schoolhouse or church, or members of an revolutionary American town militia. Select a specific symbol that relates to the event, like a replica of the state or nation's flag or a drawing of the event. List the date of the event and the names of those involved on a plaque located near the monument.


Express yourself in your monument and create something unique and personal. The monument can be something that is representative of your childhood, such as a favorite pet or toy, or it can be the material representation of a certain emotion or attitude. For example, if you wanted to construct a monument to your childhood home, you could create a model representation of how your house appeared to you as a child, with doorknobs and windows out of reach of little hands. Also, you could construct a realistic model of someone or something important to your childhood, and then paint it in different and vibrant colors to have it appear as it does in your memories.