Ideas for Hosting a Premier Designs Jewelry Party

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Gather a group of friends at your home and enjoy a jewelry presentation from one of Premier Designs Jewelry sales consultants. This direct sales jewelry company works to bring high quality, affordable, high fashion jewelry straight to its clients' homes. Visit the website at to find a consultant in your area. Once you have your party booked, decide how you'll create an intimate, exciting atmosphere for your guests.


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Invite at least 15 to 20 people to your Premier Designs Jewelry party. Send invitations that fit the theme by including photographs, clip art, or illustrations of jewelry or people wearing jewelry. A simple approach is to print invitations on card stock and add a small faux jewel at the top. You can find simulated jewels at your local craft store or hobby shop.


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Create a warm, luxurious atmosphere by decorating your home reminiscent of high fashion. Use feather boas, fake jewelry, softly scented candles, and real or artificial flower petals.

Games and Activities

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On the invitations, ask guests to bring a piece of costume jewelry they no longer wear. When guests arrive, have them put their jewelry on a table and pick a number. As an icebreaker, call numbers and have each guest come to the table and select a new piece of free jewelry to take home and enjoy. The person whose name is called first gets first pick from the entire selection of items.

Jewelry Displays

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Set aside areas in your home where the Premier Designs consultant can set up jewelry displays. Use long, sturdy tables and cover them with tablecloths that match your party's color scheme.

Food and Beverages

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Serve light refreshments such as cookies, cupcakes, and juice. Bake or buy cookies shaped like jewelry. Have cupcakes decorated with sugar crystals to give the sparkle of diamonds. Purchase ice cubes that light up and illuminate beverages.


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Send guests home with a token to show them your appreciation for attending your Premier Designs party. Favor ideas include small jewelry boxes, small valet boxes, and travel jewelry cases.