Ideas for Homemade Bridal Shower Favors

by Karen Ellis ; Updated September 28, 2017

Bridal shower.

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The bridal shower is a special celebration of your engagement and marriage. It's a chance for all of your friends to gather around you, wish you the best and raise some hoopla. It's not just fun, though, it's a very distinct step that brings the special event closer to realization. It's only natural for the bride to want to give her friends and family something special to remember the occasion.

Cookie Cutters

Bridal shower favors don't have to be big, expensive gifts. In fact, they shouldn't be. The purpose of giving bridal shower favors is to express your gratitude to your family and friends for their attendance at a very special party. Cookie cutters are perfect. Try to choose a single type or no more than three separate types. For example, for a spring bridal shower, you might choose flowers. Or for a winter bridal shower, preceding a Christmas wedding, you might choose snowflakes. Print your favorite sugar cookie recipe onto card stock, then cut it to a 3-inch by 5-inch card size. Punch a hole in the corner of the recipe card and tie one to each cookie cutter with a thin satin ribbon.

Use home-baked cookies as the theme of your shower. You might create simple cupcakes with a sugar cookie shape stuck in the top, or just provide beautifully decorated cookies for refreshments. Another option would be to make the actual cookie from your recipe and place it in a cellophane bag for the actual bridal shower favor.


The decadence of a chocolate truffle purchased from a candy store offers a rich thank-you to your guests. Purchase tiny clay pots from your local craft store. Paint them with a color from your wedding color palette, using acrylic paints. Spray all the pots with a clear polyurethane spray to seal them and add a sheen to the finish. Place each chocolate truffle in a circle of clear cellophane and tie it at the top with a satin ribbon. Place a truffle in each of the painted clay pots. If you have nice handwriting, write the bride's name and the date around the rim of the clay pot with a thin permanent marker.


How fun it would be to create a music CD for each of your guests? Purchase blank CDs and plastic covers. Burn each one with your favorite love songs and print out a cover sheet with your name, the event, the date and the list of songs. Cut it to the size of the front of the CD case (about 5-inches square) and slip it inside the front cover. Adding a special message is also a nice touch.