Ideas for Graduation Picture Boards

A graduation picture board is a large board that families use at graduation parties to show their children in high school and throughout their lives as an overview of the children's lives. You can make the board in several ways, depending on the effect you want to create. For all boards, you will need a large board to display pictures and scrapbook papers and embellishments to enhance the photos.

Black and White

For a black and white board, use all black and white photos. Even if you don’t have that many black and white photos of your child, most photo editing software can transform any colored picture into black and white. Use an elegant, minimalist style of decorating when hanging the pictures onto the board. Use pictures that look like traditional portraits of your child mixed in with more candid photos. Use brown and sepia tones to accent the black and white for an old fashioned feel.

Through the Ages

Another way to put together a photo board is to use photos and artwork from the child’s past. Use the school photo of the child from each year, as well as additional candid photos. Mix in some art that the child created to add to the nostalgic factor of the photo board. Arrange the photos in chronological order and place the year beneath each photo so that people viewing the board can identify the correct year from each photo.

Scrapbook Style

One festive way to decorate and put together a photo board is using a scrapbook style. Create several 12-by-12-inch scrapbook page layouts with photos from different events, such as sports, school clubs, outside of school activities, and family time. Write a small journal entry for each page and the tape the scrapbook pages to a board. You can even use the pages later inside a real scrapbook to keep the arrangement as a memory of graduation.

Major Accomplishments

For an accomplishment theme for a photo board, collect photos from different major events in your child’s life, such as first communion, his childhood soccer team photo, high school clubs, and any special trips he's been on. Arrange photos by event and write a few sentences about each event on card under the photos for the guests to read and look at without someone having to describe the pictures for them.