Ideas for Decorating Champagne Bottles for a Quinceanera

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Whether you're planning on having champagne just for the adults or toasting with bubbling cider at your quinceanera, decorating those bottles can save you money on your decor, add color and texture to the room, and they can double as place settings or even centerpieces. Consider using empty bottles as well, so you can cluster them together or spread them out for a dramatic look.

Bottle Sleeves

For a relatively hands-off approach to decorating those champagne bottles, look for bottle sleeves that coordinate with the quince's chosen color scheme or theme. Sleeves come in a wide variety of materials, including shiny fabrics, mesh or beads. If you're throwing an informal quinceanera, colorful knit wine bags work well. You can also save money by sewing your own wine bags. This gives you more control over the fabric material and color, and you can personalize it with embroidery or have the celebration date and information printed directly on the fabric.

Add Frill

Instead of covering the champagne bottle completely, simply dress it up with a small touch. Make souvenir tags with a thank-you message from the girl of honor. Print them on cardstock or elegant stationery, cut them into tags, then tie them to the bottle with a piece of colorful satin ribbon or thin piece of leather. For attractive bottles with a spot of color on top, hot-glue a single faux blossom on top of the cork plug. Remember to leave the wine bottle corks alone, since you'll need to pierce them with a corkscrew. You can also glue a colored stone on top.

Decorating with Color

Removing or covering the champagne bottle label allows you to cover the bottles completely in solid colors or with personalized text. Use thick satin ribbon in a vibrant color to wrap the bottles tightly, using double-sided tape to secure it in place. You'll have an attractive bottle that you can place at each table for dramatic spots of color. You can also make your own labels with table numbers or family names on the front so that they double as place settings.

Empty Bottles

Empty champagne bottles work well as vases and party favors. Cover the bottles or remove the labels as you would with an unopened bottle. Insert a single-stem flower in each one, placing them at individual settings. Alternate colors between tables or settings for even more contrast. Place a large bundle of branches in one of the decorated bottles. Glue paper or crepe flowers on some of the branch tips. Use a dark or bright color to complement the linen and table decor. You can also place a personal thank-you message rolled up inside each bottle instead of flowers or branches.