Ideas for Decorating a Wedding on a Lake

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Every bride and groom desires their special day to be perfect. All details, down to the napkins on the dinner table, reflect the personality of the new couple. When selecting the perfect location, this reflection is often taken into consideration. A couple who loves the outdoors may choose to tie the knot on a lake. When this occurs, decorating may become nontraditional.


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A couple may wish to keep the decorations simple for a lakeside wedding, letting the natural beauty of the setting act as the main focus. To keep it simple, consider an undecorated arch for the couple to say their vows under. Use white chairs for the guests. A simple aisle runner in white with no platform for the bride and groom to stand on adds to the simplicity. Flowers can be kept small, and dresses for the bridesmaids kept in pastel or mute colors.

If the bride wants simplistic but not plain, consider decorating with small, white flowers along the arch and runner. This will add a touch of class to the ceremony without taking away from the natural beauty.

All Natural

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A lake wedding location may lend itself to all-natural decorating. Most lakes are surrounded by natural flora that can be used as decorations. The bride may want an arch made of wood from the location. The arch may be decorated in the vines and flowers that grow in the region. Wooden chairs draped in regional vines, a runner scattered with the wildflowers that grow in the region, or the vines added to tulle can provide a more elaborate look.

If time and permission exist, the wedding party may wish to plant native wildflowers around the ceremony area at an appropriate time for them to bloom at the time of the wedding. Natural long grasses can also be planted to make a border around the guest area.

Going Blue

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To compliment the colors in the lake, a couple may wish to use blue decorations. Blue tulle and flowers may be used to cover the arch and the guest chairs. A runner and any matting used for the bride and groom to stand on may be colored using blue watercolors to create the look of water. Bridesmaids may be dressed in blue and carry bouquets made from small blue flowers.