Ideas for Cheap Easter Table Decorations

Ingrid Balabanova/Hemera/Getty Images

Filling your Easter table with the bright colors of spring doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Gather the materials you have on hand, such as glass bowls, candleholders, vases, dessert dishes and cake platters, and any craft materials you may already have. Supplement the materials you need from your own yard or garden and look for the rest at your local grocer’s produce department, thrift shop, dollar stores and craft stores.

Easter Candleholders

Add a touch of warm spring ambiance to your Easter dinner table with a few simple candleholders. One of the quickest and easiest ways to create a custom candleholder is to turn a wine glass upside-down. Place a colorful flower blossom or a colored egg underneath the glass. A tea light or small votive candle placed on the inverted base transforms the glass into an elegant candle holder. Position several of these wine glass candleholders along a table runner. Alternatively, place a medium-sized pillar candle in the middle of a hurricane shade. Fill the space around the candle with layers of jelly beans. Good color combinations for spring include green and yellow or pink and blue.

Spring Bouquets

A simple vase of flowers placed on an Easter dinner table instantly brightens the room. Anchor the stems of flowers in a glass vase with slices of limes or lemons. Add yellow tulips to a lime-filled vase or purple irises to a lemon-filled vase. Attach paper butterflies to a flower vase with a small piece of double-sided tape for a spring-inspired display. Intricate die-cut paper butterflies are inexpensive, and you can find them online or print out a pattern to cut them out yourself. Look for floral-patterned teacups and saucers at a thrift store and turn them into small planters for delicate pansies and violets. Keep your teacup flowers on the table for cheerful spring color even after Easter has passed.

Egg-cellent Centerpieces

Use a tiered dessert tray to create a colorful, nature-inspired Easter centerpiece. You can find inexpensive natural twig bird's nests at most craft stores. Place three small nests on the top tray and use slightly larger nests around the bottom tray, which can probably hold four to five nests. Fill each nest with candy eggs. Look for speckled blue candy eggs to represent Robin’s eggs. Alternatively, fill a basket or bowl with natural grass material formed into a nest shape. Add colored hard-boiled eggs and smaller candy eggs. Anchor a few floral cherry blossom twigs in a glass vase with colored eggs.

Easter Favors

Punch up individual place settings at an Easter brunch table with plastic martini glasses filled with jelly beans. Top off each jellybean cocktail with a colorful tissue paper flower. Alternately, grow wheat grass in thrift store teacups or other small, inexpensive containers. Begin this project at least two weeks before Easter, and, by Easter, each container should have a lush carpet of grass. Add a colored egg or candy eggs and attach a paper butterfly to the container or grass stems. You can also grow wheat grass in a hollowed-out egg shell; provide one at each place setting for guests to take home.