Ideas for a Teenage Boy's Easter Basket

Let your teen boy's interests and needs dictate your Easter basket gifts. If he's an athlete, use the basket as a way to give him needed sports gear, or, if he's into techie stuff, give him some new gadgetry to play with. Other popular teenage gifts include music, clothes, movies, and gift cards, which allow them to buy their own presents. And remember, cash is always near and dear to a teenager's heart.


You can go the traditional route and give your teenage boy his favorite candies and a new Easter outfit. Easter is a time of celebration of all the rich and delicious foods not eaten during Lent, so chocolates, home-baked cookies, and the teenager's favorite candies all are thoughtful to add into an Easter basket. Many families also use Easter as a time for giving children a spring outfit of clothes, sometimes dressy, sometimes casual. For a teenage boy, that might mean new jeans and a nice button-down shirt, or cargo pants and a comfortable T-shirt or hoodie. Or, maybe they've had their eye on a new backpack or pair of sneakers; that's a good Easter gift too.


For a teenage boy who's a gadget geek, make the center of the Easter basket a new cell phone, iPod, or new video game. For lower budgets, present him with a gaming accessory like a wireless controller, a new cell phone case, or an iTunes gift card. To fill the basket up, cushion the gift with matching, smaller gifts like a video game-themed T-shirt, boxers or socks, or an extra phone charger, prepaid phone card, wireless mouse, roll-up keyboard, DVDs, or headphones.

Sports Fan

A teenage boy who's a big sports fan might really appreciate an authentic major-league team jersey with his favorite player's number on it, or a jacket or other apparel from his school's athletic booster program or store. New sports balls for home use, a new pair of sports shoes or cleats, or a new duffel or carryall for sports gear are other ideas for a sports fan's Easter basket. Add water bottles, sports movies, or clothing accessories such as sports socks, hats, and T-shirts that are already needed by teenage boys.

Music & Style

Create a music-themed Easter basket for a teenage boy who spends hours listening to music and working out his favorite songs on guitar. Steal a look at his music collection and write down some band names, then get their latest CDs and surprise him with them in the basket. Add guitar strings, picks, or a miniature portable amp if he's a musician himself, or add some trendy style to his Easter basket with a gift card to a cool clothing store. If you're confident of his tastes in fashion, you might even buy him some stylish accessories, such as a belt, sunglasses, wallet, or hat.