Ideas for a Retirement Cake

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Businesses often throw parties for retiring employees in order to celebrate all their hard work as well as the transition to a new phase in their lives. You can throw a formal and elegant retirement party or a fun and causal one. Either way, no party is complete without a cake.


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Base the retirement cake’s theme on the occupation the person dedicated his life to. If the person is retiring from the military, make or order him a camouflage cake or a cake based on his branch of the military, such as a cake decorated like the Marine flag, or a submarine for a Navy man. A teacher might have a cake shaped and decorated like an open book. Celebrate a plumber’s retirement with a cake shaped like a plunger or toilet. Present a calculator-shaped cake to an accountant or businessman.


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The retiring person can now spend his time focusing on his hobbies and all the things he always wanted to do instead of working 40 hours a week. Design the retirement cake around one of the honoree’s hobbies. If he’s going to spend all his time fishing, give him a cake decorated like a lake with a toy boat on top of it. Golfers would love a cake that looked like a golf course or giant golf ball. Decorate the cake with flowers for an avid gardener or a world map for a traveler.

Gold Watch

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A gold watch is the traditional gift given to retiring employees by their companies, which makes it appropriate inspiration for a retirement cake. Prepare a cake in the shape of a gold pocket watch or use frosting to draw a more modern gold watch on top of a round or sheet cake. You can also find a toy pocket watch to place on top of the cake.


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You can also base the cake decorations on how many years the employee has put into the company. If he has put in 40 years, order two cakes -- one shaped like a "4" and the other like a "0." You can also write the number of years he worked for the company in frosting on top of the cake or use candles that are shaped like numbers on top of the cake.


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No matter the shape or design of the cake, you can include a serious or funny saying on the cake. Generic sayings include: “Happy Retirement,” “Enjoy Your Retirement” and “Best Wishes.” The saying can reflect the theme of the cake such as “Gone Fishing” or “Tee Time.” The retirement website, Retire American Style, offers humorous saying such as “Goodbye tension, Hello pension!” or “Retirement: World’s Longest Coffee Break.”