Ideas for a Renewal of Vows

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Whether you've been married for one year or are coming up on a milestone anniversary, renewing your vows may help you remember the commitment you made to your spouse on your wedding day. The details of this type of ceremony, like your wedding, are all about personal preference and can range from a simple, backyard get-together with your family to an elaborate vacation with family and friends.

Venue Ideas

You don't have to book a formal banquet hall to renew your vowels. Hold this ceremony anywhere you feel relaxed or in a spot that has a special connection to your marriage. Locations might range from a park you frequently visit to a tropical destination you enjoyed on your honeymoon. If you attend religious services, hold the event at your church, temple, mosque or synagogue. Other ideas include a ceremony on a cruise ship, at a bed-and-breakfast or while camping.

Ceremony Specifics

Unlike a wedding, you don't need a member of the clergy or other officiant to conduct the ceremony. Even if you wish your renewal of vows to be a formal event, the ceremony isn't legally binding. Recruit someone important in your life such as a sibling, parent, child or close friend to be the master of ceremonies. The ceremony may be as simple as you standing with your partner and sharing your wedding vows or as detailed as walking down an aisle together to music.

The Right Attire

Attire should relate to the formality of the event. Some women choose to wear their wedding dresses, while the men might opt for tuxedos similar to the ones they wore during their weddings. You don't need to dress this formally; a light, flowing dress for a woman and a suit for a man are acceptable, as is less-formal attire. One approach is to wear accessories your spouse has given you such as a special necklace or a pair of cuff links.

Celebration Time

Although sharing vows is the most important part of the event, it's an ideal time to have a celebration in the same manner as a wedding reception. After you've renewed your vows, head to a local restaurant with friends and family, have a backyard barbecue or potluck dinner, or hit a downtown bar for some drinks and dancing. Your renewal of vows isn't the time to receive gifts -- make this point clear to your guests so everyone can have a carefree time without spending too much money.