Ideas for a Pantry Bridal Shower Theme

A pantry bridal shower involves showering the bride-to-be with items for her pantry so she will be stocked up on supplies and cooking utensils, enabling her to cook anything for her husband. A pantry shower is useful for young brides who don't have a lot of household items or cooking experience and could use some help.


Make or buy invitations shaped like a pantry, kitchen cabinet, fridge, food-related item or even a recipe book. Include a blank recipe card for guests to fill in their favorite recipe to share with the bride-to-be.


Create edible fruit arrangements as centerpieces or baskets filled with fruits and vegetables (packaged dry fruits or fresh). Display photos of the bride eating through the years (as a child and beyond). Frame these and place them out as centerpieces or make posters with the photos.


Serve all the bride's favorite foods and place the recipe cards in front of each dish. This can be anything that she likes from snack foods to casseroles and pizza.


Play with the idea of using food for games. Conduct blind taste tests. You can do this with either just the bride or everyone as a competition of sorts. This game is really funny to watch and will be sure to make people laugh. Or play a variation of this and have guests test the food blindly then have to guess as many ingredients as they possibly can. The one who guesses the most correctly wins. Also cooking shows are very popular now, and there are a ton of celebrity chefs. Create a quiz on celebrity chefs or a word search of chefs' names.


The presents should go with the recipe the guests share and include all the dry ingredients and tools needed to make the recipe. One person (usually the hostess) can also give the bride a recipe book in which she can store all these recipes.


Get some spice jars and fill them with goodies that the bride loves. Then attach a recipe card for the bride's favorite dish. If the goodies in the jar can coordinate with an ingredient in the recipe, all the better, but this is not necessary.