Ideas for a Hairspray Movie Birthday Party

Before you begin to plan your "Hairspray" birthday party, it’s a good idea to watch the movie as a refresher course to get some helpful tips. Watching the 1988 and 2007 versions will provide you with even more suggestions as far as planning your party.


Be sure to start the theme with "Hairspray" invitations; this will let all of your guests know what to expect when they show up to your party. If you want your guests to dress up in 1950s or "Hairspray" attire, state that on the invitation. Encourage guests to use a lot of hairspray and come to the party in a 1950s/Tracy Turnblad hairstyle. If you’re hosting a sleepover party, be sure to indicate this on the invitation.


When decorating for a "Hairspray" party, it’s important to make sure the decorations match the theme of the party. Decorate the party space to look like the set of the Corny Collins show, where much of the movie takes place. Look online or in party stores to purchase "Hairspray" decorations or cardboard cutout characters from the movie. Sebastian’s Ultra Clutch is the brand of hairspray made famous by the movie and it makes a great party decoration. Ultra Clutch Hairspray is also a unique favor idea that goes well with the theme of the "Hairspray" party.

Games and Activities

At the "Hairspray" party, show one or both versions of the movie. Having the soundtrack playing in the background during the meals and game time will also help set the mood. Have a karaoke contest using songs from the movie, and before the guests arrive, create trivia questions and hold a "Hairspray"-themed trivia contest. "Who said it/Who sang it" or finish that song lyric are also popular and easy games to play. Change the level of difficulty depending on the age of the guests. If possible, invite a dance instructor to your party to teach the guests popular dances from the '50s (also seen in the movie), such as the Mashed Potato and the Twist. Encourage guests to make up their own dances and then have a dance-off, awarding prizes for the best dancer or couple.


Keep it a simple All-American cuisine for your party. Serve hamburgers and milkshakes, a popular meal for young teenagers in the 1950s. Serve the milkshakes in tall glasses with large straws.