Ideas for a Grandmother's Baby Shower

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While it is common for expectant mothers to have a baby shower, having one for the grandmother is increasing in popularity. A grandmother's baby shower is similar to a traditional one in that she is celebrating the birth of her first grandchild and is the recipient of baby gifts. This is practical for when the baby visits to avoid having to transport items from one home to another. Keeping the shower simple is key to hosting a grandmother's baby shower without overshadowing the mother's baby shower.

Cocktail Party

Traditional baby showers tend to shy away from providing alcoholic beverages as they are unsafe for expectant mothers; however, no such rule exists for a grandparent's baby shower. This idea may be adjusted depending on the grandmother's personal preferences. If she enjoys the occasional evening cocktail drink, setting up a cocktail-mixing station and offering guests a lesson might be fun. If she is a wine enthusiast, a wine-tasting event, complete with cheese and chocolate, is sure to delight the senses. If she would prefer that no alcohol be served at the shower, you can substitute alcoholic ingredients with fruit juice to make a virgin cocktail.

Weekday Potluck

Since a grandmother's baby shower is typically more casual than a mother's baby shower, a weekday afternoon potluck is the perfect solution. This is especially true if she and her friends are retired and have the weekdays free for catching up on gossip or sharing knitting patterns. The potluck may be held at the host's home, in the garden or even at a park. Each guest is responsible for contributing one dish to be enjoyed by everybody.

White Elephant

Traditionally played at Christmas, White Elephant is a fun game if the grandmother and many of her friends also anticipate their first grandchild. Each guest is required to bring one gift. From a hat or bowl, the guests each pull out a number which dictates the order. The first person will choose one gift and open it. The second person then has the option to either "steal" the first gift or choose another gift. If the first person's gift is stolen, she must choose another gift to open. This process is repeated until all gifts have been opened.


While themes are more common with an expectant mother's baby shower versus a grandmother's baby shower, it is really up to the grandmother just how elaborate she would like to be with the baby shower. A fun theme is Little Red Riding Hood because the girl is on her way to grandmother's house carrying a basket full of goodies. Red, white and checkered prints are colors and designs that would work well with this theme. Food options might include biscuits, jelly, casseroles and pie. As party favors, apple-scented candles or lotions and fruit baskets are not only practical, but also complement the theme.