Ideas for a Couples Wedding Shower

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Couples wedding showers provide a new twist to the old tradition of the women-only bridal shower. Including the groom ensures that his tastes and ideas are not overlooked during the festivities, perhaps by providing chips and beer along with the cupcakes and tea. It also allows the bride and groom to participate in a meaningful gathering of friends, heralding the start of their new life together.


Entertain guests with games that reveal interesting tidbits about the happy couple. Before guests arrive, ask the couple a series of questions in a game of He Said/She Said. Let friends and family see if they can correctly guess who said what--he or she? Another question-and-answer game places the couple in the center of the room, and asks the guests to answer even more questions about the betrothed. Where did they get engaged? What was the first meal they shared together? Hand guests cards to write down the correct answers.

Scavenger Hunt

Let's hope everyone was paying close attention to all those Q&A games, because those answers will provide clues to an unusual scavenger hunt that pits the women against the men. Send the teams in search of a napkin from the first restaurant the bride- and groom-to-be ate at on their first date. Retrieve a ribbon in the exact color of the wedding party attire. See who can manage to bring back a cummerbund, bow tie and garter. Allow the happy couple to keep all of the treasure as a reminder of the fun had at their wedding shower.


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Use their shared interests to create a couples wedding shower theme tailored specifically to them. If they both love to cook, ask the guests to dress as chefs, using things they can leave with the bride and groom, who will use them along with all the nifty kitchen gadgets they get as gifts. For instance, someone can wear oven mitts, another can wear an apron; still another may don a chef's hat.

For die-hard sports fans, make it a Super Wedding Bowl party. Friends and family can purchase sports-themed serving dishes that the couple can use after they've finished stuffing themselves with the tasty treats each guest will include as a bonus for the shower. Other items may include golf ball scrubbers, tennis balls, and outdoor party fun with badminton and croquet sets.