Ideas for a Birthday Party for a 72 Year Old Grandpa

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A lot of history is covered over 72 years of life. There is nothing that demonstrates love for Grandpa better than a birthday party that celebrates these years. A list of birthday party ideas for a 72 year old grandpa can may difficult to come up with, but with a little bit of reflection and some research, potential party themes and materials are fun, educational, sentimental and abundant.

Prime Time

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A theme party that reflects Grandpa's prime or most successful years is a great way to recall a positive time in his life. His prime time can be celebrated with music from the time, a video that shows big events from that period both locally and nationally, newspaper clippings, or special radio broadcasts. Highlight what Grandpa was accomplishing at that time, and be sure to invite friends who would be able to reminisce with him.

Historical Party

This idea is an expansion of the prime time theme, and recalls significant events from all 72 years, starting with Grandpa's birth year. Create a video montage for all to enjoy, with significant happenings matched up with music from that period. This is a great way to show an appreciation for Grandpa's history and respect for his acquired wisdom.

Favorite Place

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Consider going to one or two of Grandpa's favorite places. If there was a local restaurant or club that he used to frequent, check to ensure it still exists, and reserve a party room. Think of making this a surprise party and invite old friends from school or work. Look for silly photos of Grandpa and create a photo board for him to take home.

Hobby Themes

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Over the years, Grandpa may have had some special interests and hobbies. A great way to celebrate 72 years of life is to revisit these. For example, if he loved to play golf, consider hosting an outing in his honor. If there was a particular course he liked, this would be an ideal location for the party. If Grandpa is not capable of golfing, host a theme party that shows 72 years of golf history and highlight him from the time he started on the links.