Ideas for a Baby Shower Lunch

Barry Austin/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Throwing a baby shower for a loved one is a fun way to welcome a new addition to the family. A luncheon allows the shower to have a more casual feel, so there is less stress for the expectant mom and for the person organizing it. However, if you are planning a shower lunch for a special mother-to-be, there are still many details and decisions to take care of. If you are not sure where to begin, there are helpful ideas that can get you started.


At a baby shower lunch, decorations add to the festive atmosphere. If you are interested in a more elegant look for your shower, flowers are often the ideal option. You can tailor the arrangements so they feature only pink or blue flowers or opt for yellow blooms if the mother-to-be does not know the sex of the baby. You can also create festive arrangements of her favorite flowers for a personalized touch. For a more casual approach, decorating a tree with baby items or hanging baby clothes from a clothesline over the room are fun options. Balloons and streamers are go-to party decorations, but you can also arrange pastel-colored candies, such as jelly beans, dinner mints and candy-coated chocolates, in glass bowls for simple and fun table centerpieces.


For an easy approach to the food at a baby shower luncheon, arrange a buffet so guests can help themselves. You may choose to serve a couple of main courses or go with an assortment of appetizers and finger foods for a more casual feel. Pasta primavera, lemon chicken and baked ziti are all simple main courses that are easy to prepare for a shower. When it comes to appetizers or finger foods, tea sandwiches, mini-quiches or frittatas, deviled eggs and tartlets are all tasty options. A fresh fruit and crudites platter is also easy to put together for a buffet table. Many hosts do not serve alcohol at a baby shower, because the mother-to-be cannot partake, but you can still make a festive, nonalcoholic punch for toasting the new baby. When it comes to dessert, a cake is the traditional choice. However, it can also be fun to make individual cupcakes and place them in a pedestal arrangement to mimic the look of a cake. The benefit of using cupcakes is that you can make several different types of cake to ensure that there is something that all your guests will enjoy.


For many guests, the games are the best part of a baby shower. An easy game for your luncheon baby shower involves asking all the guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Collect the photos and place them on a display board. Provide guests with an answer sheet to try and match the baby photo with the correct person. Baby-themed bingo is another fun option, or you can use a glass bottle filled with jelly beans to play a number guessing game.


For simple favors at a baby shower luncheon, candy is an ideal option. Use small pieces of tulle to wrap up blue, pink or yellow jelly beans, candy-coated chocolates or other small candies, and tie them off with a satin ribbon. Molded chocolates in baby-themed shapes, such as booties, pacifiers or bottles, can be fun as well. Small plants in terra-cotta pots or seed packets also work well and serve as a lasting reminder of the shower.