Ideas for a 10-Year High School Reunion

by Jenny Harrington ; Updated September 28, 2017

A 10-year reunion is a chance for everyone to catch up. For most, college is over and they are getting settled in their careers or starting a family. Planning is essential to ensure your reunion lives up to everyone's expectations and to put those who are nervous at ease.

Finding Classmates

Contact the last known address or phone number for classmates. Although they most likely don't live at home anymore, their parents or family should have their contact information. Begin sending out invitations 12 months in advance.

Make a website for your reunion. Use the graduating year and school name in the URL. Many people start looking for information as 10 years approaches, and this way they may find you if you don't find them.

Place signs around town five or more months in advance of the reunion date to notify anyone local or visiting to get in touch with reunion organizers.

Use an online classmate finder (see Resources) as well as the phone book to find anyone else. Keep in mind classmate finders may charge a small subscription or other fee.

Party Planning

Choose a date in the summer. Many attendees may have children and won't be able to attend during the school year. Plan your primary reunion function for a Saturday night. Host a meet and greet or mixer Friday afternoon and evening for out-of-town early arrivals. Pick a place that was popular when you were in school.

Plan at least one casual event for those who may not enjoy a formal event. They take off some of the pressure to impress, plus it's easier to pack for them.

Choose a location with at least two rooms if you aren't having the event at your old high school. Host the music and dancing in one room and set the other up for conversation. A separate space for conversation eliminates the need to shout over music while catching up on the last decade.

Decorate the party room with school colors: balloons, streamers and table settings. Have the band play music from the year everyone graduated. Place yearbook pictures on name tags to help people recognize each other.

Invite one or more beloved teachers to give a speech at the reunion. These teachers were your role models 10 years ago and they most likely will be honored to be invited to gather with your class again.

Other Events

Plan a day trip on Saturday before the reunion party or Sunday after most of the other events are over. A trip to a local winery or other interesting location that opened in the last 10 years will give everyone an opportunity to bond on an adult level.

Have bio-sheets available when guests sign in at the reunion. Ask for a brief history of the last 10 years from each person and a recent photograph. Make it possible for guests to email the responses later. Assemble the responses into an online scrapbook for those who couldn't attend.

Arrange a tour of the school with administrators beforehand. After 10 years, a lot may have changed but your guests will enjoy reminiscing by their old locker or seeing a trophy they helped win.


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