Ideas for 21st Photo Boards

Martin Poole/Photodisc/Getty Images

Your 21st birthday is one that you'll probably remember for the rest of your life. At 21, it feels like you're finally an adult. You can smoke and play the lottery at 18, but at 21, you're now allowed to drink alcohol. Create photo boards celebrating your life up to and including your 21st birthday to remember the day.


Create a photo board to put out at your 21st birthday party with photos of you with your family and friends over the years. If you have room for multiple boards, focus one board on you and your mom, dad and siblings, and focus the second board on photos of you and your friends. Decorate the boards with trinkets, ribbon and other items that remind you of your life growing up.

Shaped Photo Board

Cut your photo board in the shape of a martini glass or beer bottle. Cut your photos to fit, and use photos from your 21st birthday party to fill it in. Many 21-year-olds celebrate with a night out on the town, and since it's the first time you will be allowed into a bar, you can take pictures all night long while you celebrate with delicious cocktails. Keep track of each bar you go to by collecting coasters; add these to your photo board, as well.


Instead of a traditional photo board, decoupage a piece of furniture, such as a coffee or end table or a mirror frame. Arrange your photos on the tabletop or frame in exactly the positions you want them to be in, and use decoupaging materials -- scissors, glue and lacquer -- to shape the photos and stick them to the furniture. Cut the number 21 from construction paper or poster board to be a visual reminder of what the photos represent.

Hanging Board

Using five long, skinny boards, create a mobile photo board for your 21st birthday. You can hang the boards from your ceiling, either grouped in a circle or spaced out along the wall. Because the boards are hanging freely, you can decorate each side with photos along the entire length of them. Add photos of what you did on your 21st birthday, either from bars you went to or a special dinner with friends and family. Attach trinkets to remind you of your day.