Ideas to Cheer Up a Grumpy Boyfriend

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

It is never fun to meet up with your boyfriend and find him in a bad mood -- not smiling, looking stressed or being short or snappy with you. Obviously something or someone has made him upset. As his girlfriend, you just want to make him feel better. It can sometimes be hard to figure out what type of cheering up your guy will respond positively to. Focus on his personality and things that you know will put a smile on his face.

Give Him Comfort Food

Everybody has that favorite comfort food that makes them feel just a little bit better, whether its ice cream, macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie or banana pudding, for example. Go pick up your boyfriend's favorite indulgent dish from a nearby restaurant, or prepare his favorite home-cooked meal. If he's particularly fond of something his mother makes and you live in the same area, ask her if she could do you a favor and make it. She's sure to do it for the son she adores.

Do Something Fun

If your boyfriend is moping about the house, get him out of the house and take him somewhere that will get his mind off things. A high-octane action movie will keep his mind preoccupied for a few hours. Go to an entertainment center where the two of you can compete against each other in arcade games. Let him win, even if it's you're favorite dancing game and you usually kick his butt. Get him to laugh, even if you have to make cheesy jokes. Make his day by whipping out tickets to a college or professional sports game on the same day. Many organizations often offer last minute tickets at great prices when they need to fill seats.

Get Intimate

A little smooching, hugging and a little loving might get your guy out of his funk for a little bit. Physical touch can be soothing and being intimate is one of the best ways to relieve stress, according to a 2010 study published in the Public Library of Science. Try giving him a sensual back massage and if he responds positively and doesn't brush you off, go into full-on flirt mode and give him all of your attention for the rest of the evening.

Talk Him Through It

Let your boyfriend know you are there for him when he is ready to talk. It might take him a while, but give him your full attention when he does. Listen and allow him to vent, which can also help him feel better. Offer your support and let him know you understand, but only offer advice if he asks or is open to it. In that case, you can help him come up with potential options to resolve or make the situation better.