What Husbands Find Attractive in Their Wives

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Men are visual creatures, which might explain why a man will prefer a woman who pleases his eyes rather than one with a great personality. Laurie Watson, an American Association of Sexuality Educators-certified sex therapist and licensed couple therapist says that men can suddenly become less attracted to their wives even if they are beautiful. The physical stuff is titillating, but it wears off with time. As a woman, there is a lot you need to have for your man to stay invested in your relationship.

A Woman's Intelligence

Intelligent women usually find it hard to consider intelligence as their primary attribute. Dr. Christine B. Whelan, an author, professor and speaker reports that smart men are attracted to smart women. Although intelligence varies, men believe intelligent women will bear brilliant children. Additionally, an intelligent wife will keep her husband attracted to her with her capability to learn new things and use her talents. She will be able to strike fascinating conversations since both of them will have new experiences to share. Men believe that an intelligent wife will make a smart and interesting mom to their kids. As a bottom line, your ability to stand as his equal will always be a complete turn-on.

Confidence in Bearing

A woman who is comfortable with her own self is a total turn-on. Jennifer Ryan, a licensed counselor and life coach, explains that men are attracted to their wives when they are confident about how they look and feel about themselves. Your man might become suspicious if you constantly seek his reassurance that you are attractive and beautiful. Even though you are not a supermodel, act like one. Men want a secure, self-sufficient confident woman who is not desperate either emotionally or materially. Generally, men desire to be needed and wanted by their wives but they also want them to have a separate identity.

Playfulnessis an Asset

Your husband will always like you if you can laugh at his jokes. However, this should not be mindless about everything. Playfulness often results from shared experiences. Bring forth inside jokes and stories only the two of you know and link your prevailing circumstances with a past experience. You can achieve playfulness by having shared pastimes, learning new things together or regularly spending time together.


Even though you have a pretty face and hot body, demeanor, personality and honest absolutely factor into attraction . No man wants to strap himself to a liar. Remember, a single lie can lead to zero truth or worse still, cause a full-blown fight. It is advisable to keep things open in your relationship.