How to Make Your Husband Happier Than He Deserves to Be in 10 Easy Steps

It's very easy to make a husband happy! I have a husband so I consider myself an expert in this department!

Greet him at the door when he comes home from work. Hey, he's tired. Why make him go through all that work of opening a door!

Tell him you appreciate him. I know appreciate is a long word with four syllables but he might know what it means. My husband nods with a smirk on his face when I use that word so I think he understands.

Ask him what he wants for dinner. After he tells you just say you don't have that in the house then make whatever you were going to make in the first place. At least you asked and that should be enough.

Tell him he smells nice. You don't really have to smell him. Just lean in toward him and make a face like you are sniffing his neck. Then turn and exhale and make whatever face you want.

Tell him he looks awesome. And say it with a serious face and a deep, throaty voice. You are allowed to have your fingers crossed behind your back.

Ask him to watch a Lifetime movie with you and just before he starts to throw up tell him you changed your mind and hand him the remote. He will love you for this.

Wink at him. He may think it's just a twitch so explain to him that it's a form of flirting.

Kiss him often. He will hate this at first but then he'll get used to it and will eventually kiss you back. And he can brag to his friends about how you are always all over him.

When you sit together hold his hand. Not the hand with the beer in it. The other hand.

Next time he starts to take out the trash say "no honey, I'll get that" and take it out yourself. Ummm... better skip this step. He might get used to it!