How to Get Your Husband Back When He Walks Out

by Theresa Pickett

The words you say during marriage bind you to your spouse for better and worse. You create a contract that should let you stick together against all odds. The love and affection you have for your husband should not go unspoken. Communicate with your husband. Do not let the problems you have force you to live your life alone. Hold back your anger and speak from your heart. Let your husband know that the love you have for him is strong, the way it always was.

Contact your spouse. Do not wait for your husband to make the first move. Call your husband and, if he does not pick up, leave a voice mail saying that you want to speak with him.

Do not try to have the last word if your conversation turns into an argument. Be humble and tell your husband that he is right. Show your husband that you respect him and let him be the man of the household.

Rekindle the romantic relationship you have had with your husband. Ask your husband on a date without the kids. Invite your husband over for dinner and cuddle up for a movie to show affection.

Let your husband have the space he needs. Show your husband that he should have time and physical space to help him realize that you can change. If you created a fight by your actions, such as infidelity, your husband must know that you can better yourself over time.

Ask your husband to enter marital counseling. Speak with a certified professional who gives you a safe space to show your emotions.

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  • Show that you are still physically and mentally interested in your spouse. Try cooking your husband dinner and having him over to talk the problem out. Tell your husband you love him. Simple words have great meaning. Remind your husband about the positive moments of your marriage. Tell him that there is a positive side to having differences as well.


  • Hold your tongue when you think you might say the wrong thing. Timing is key, and a friendly joke can be taken the wrong way in the midst of a fight.

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