How to write a Matrimonial Biodata

by Corey M. Mackenzie ; Updated September 28, 2017

In many cultures, creating a matrimonial biodata is one important step towards marriage.

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In a world growing accustomed to online dating, creating a profile to attract a mate is not uncommon. A matrimonial biodata, however, is more formal and far more detailed than the usual dating profile and has a much longer history. A matrimonial biodata is used in many countries, such as India and Pakistan. Its purpose is not simply for casual dating, but for finding an appropriate marriage partner; hence, the extensive details. Some leeway exists regarding format, but no matter which format you use, you should include as many details as possible.

Type the sub header, “Vital Statistics” or “Personal Details” at the top, left-hand side of the page. Beneath this, write your full name. Directly beneath that, and on separate lines for each feature, include your sex, height, weight, general physical appearance -- muscular or thin, for example – and date and place of your birth. List your religion, number of children, if you have any, and if you have ever been married. Give your education status. This should include the name of the university you are attending or have already graduated from, as well as any degrees you have earned. Include a recent photograph of yourself, in full color if possible, either directly above or to the side of this area of your biodata.

Drop down one space in the document and type the sub header, “Employment Information.” On separate lines, list your current job, if you have one, position and salary. If you are a student and not yet working, you can mention what kind of job you plan to seek in the future.

Add a space again and then type the third sub header, “Family.” In this section, list the names of your immediate family – this means your father, mother and siblings. Under each name, describe their respective employment details, when applicable.

Add information about your hobbies and anything else you feel is important. This may include sports you play and any achievements unrelated to work or education. You may label this section “Hobbies” or “Additional Information.”

Supply your contact information at the end of the document. This should include your home address, email and mobile and home telephone numbers.

Save your document on your computer and to a flash drive. Print out at least two paper copies of your matrimonial biodata. You should keep one and give the other to your family or a friend to store in a safe place.