How to Wrap Utensils

by Erica Gendler ; Updated September 28, 2017

dinner for two image by Curtis Sorrentino from Fotolia.com

Wrapping utensils is a simple way to bring elegance to a table. You can use paper or cloth napkins, depending on personal preference, to easily and quickly create a utensil wrap.

Lay the napkin on a flat table. Place the fork, knife and spoon at one corner of the napkin with the knife at the bottom, fork in the middle and the spoon on top so the utensils are layered. All utensils should be facing up. Leave about 1/4 inch of space between the very edge of the napkin and the utensils.

Fold the 1/4-inch flap over the handle of the utensils. Begin rolling the utensils once so they are now facing down. The napkin should be wrapped snug around the utensils.

Continue to wrap until the opposite corner of the napkin is completely wrapped around the utensils. The last corner that is wrapped should be on the underside of the utensils so when the wrap is laid flat, it will not come unraveled. The tops of the utensils should be completely wrapped and the end of the utensils should be sticking out of the napkin, roughly by 1/4 inch.

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