How to Wrap Head Wraps, Scarves and Turbans

woman with calabash on her head image by Mikhail Malyshev from

Head wraps, scarves and turbans are all fashion accessories that are easy to wear and can change your overall look with just one simple, inexpensive piece of fabric. You can buy scarves and turbans that are specially designed to be head wraps or you can choose a fabric that you particularly like and wrap that around your head to create your own look.

Pull your hair into a high pony tail with a rubber band and secure the ends with bobby pins. If you have short hair, simply pin back the sides.

Place the center of one long edge of the head wrap against your forehead just above the eyebrows. Hold the cloth in both hands between the thumb and forefingers. Pull the fabric evenly across your forehead using your fingers to keep the surface of the fabric smooth against your head. Pull tightly. Continue to pull the wrap around the sides of your head, following the hairline over your temples, behind your ears and around to the back of your neck.

Cross the two strips of the head wrap at the back of your neck by slightly lifting the left side of the fabric and pulling the right side of the fabric across the center line of your neck. Holding the right side firmly against your head, cross the left side over the right.

Pull the two long pieces of fabric around the sides of your head and to the front.

Drop the left section of fabric (the piece that came around from the right side of your head) loosely over your left shoulder. Use both hands to guide the right piece (the section that came around from the left side of your head) up over your head following the edge of fabric place by the first layering. Bring it completely over the top of your head and let it fall to the side.

Pull the other piece of fabric up over the other side of your head in this same way. Make sure you keep the fabric pulled as tightly as you can.

Pull the two sections that are now crossed over the top of your head tightly and tuck the ends into the wrap to hold the whole thing in place.

Tuck the loose fabric remaining from the width into the sides of the wrap wherever needed.