How to Wrap Hair for a Body Wave

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Many women with straight hair will get perms to add curl and bounce to their locks. If you're looking for a semi-permanent way to add curls but you don't want spiral curls, consider a body wave. A body wave uses large rods wrapped in your hair to give you full, voluminous waves that will last for months. There is a specific way in which the hair should be wrapped to wave the hair successfully without it looking curly.

Shampoo the hair twice using a clarifying shampoo and do not condition the hair.

Section the hair off using hair clips. The hair should be sectioned into nine different parts: the top of the back of the head (the crown), the bottom of the back of the head (just above the nape), to the right of the top section, to the right of the bottom section, to the left of the top section, to the left of the bottom section. The remaining three sections are on the top of the head: the middle of the top of your head (in front of the crown), to the right of the top section and to the left of the top section.

Remove the hair clip in the top back section (the crown) of your hair.

Comb the section out to remove any loose hair and knots. Split the hair in half. If the hair is very thick or there's a lot of hair, split the hair in thirds.

Fold an end paper around the middle of the first hair section. Lightly spray the end paper and the hair with the water from a water bottle. This will help the end paper stick to the hair.

Pull the end paper down the length of the hair until it slightly passes the ends of the hair. This will ensure that your hair ends wrap properly around the perm rod without getting crimped.

Place the first perm rod under the end paper. Holding the end paper on top of the rod, wrap the end paper and ends of the hair around the rod. Remove your fingers from the rod and wrap the rest of the section of hair tightly around the perm rod. The rod should be positioned at the very top of the back of your hair.

Clip the rod in place using the perm rod's elastic tether or a rod pin.

Repeat the rod placement process with the remaining split sections of hair.

Remove the hair clip from the middle section of hair in the back of the head. Repeat rod placement with this section of hair until all the rods are properly wrapped into this section, as well.

Continue to repeat rod placement with each remaining section of hair until the entire head is rodded. Once rodded, the hair is properly wrapped and ready for the perm solutions.