How to Work in a Church Nursery

Choosing to work in a church nursery can be one of the most rewarding choices one can make. Not only are most church nurseries short staffed, but having the ability to interact with babies and toddlers in a church is fun.

Determine what age group with who you would like to work. For larger churches you might be able to choose as specifically as 'younger 2s' or 'older 2s'. For smaller ones, you may have to decide between babies/toddlers or preschoolers.

Ask a minister or member in the church if there is a preschool director. This position may be paid or unpaid, but most churches have at least one person responsible for the preschool department. You may also be able to find this person listed on the church website or in the church bulletin.

Call, email or speak with the preschool director. Ask her if there is a need for additional help in the church nursery.

Complete any paperwork required for the church nursery volunteer position. Some churches may even ask for references and permission to do a background check.

Attend training meetings. It is imperative that you are familiar with the church's nursery volunteer guidelines. Each church has a specific way of handling various issues. If the church does not have any training, it would be advisable to contact your local Red Cross to become certified in first aid.

Read any literature provided to you on the volunteer position. Remember, you are responsible to keep yourself informed of the church's guidelines. This may include a guideline manual, contact information or general information about the church and its history with the preschool department.

Show up on time and be prepared. If you are required to prepare a lesson for the children, do so. If they want you in the nursery 15 minutes before the service starts, be there. Even though this is most likely an unpaid position, your professionalism is a huge reflection on the church and the parents depend on it.

Enjoy the children! Be sure to interact with the kids while in the nursery. It can be quite fun to get to know them and learn their individual personalities. Play, sing and talk with them.