How to Word Wedding Eve Dinner Invitations

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The night before a wedding often includes a wedding eve dinner, also known as groom’s dinner or rehearsal dinner, where immediate family members and wedding party members share a meal and an opportunity to meet one another. Usually the dinner is before or after a wedding rehearsal. It is important to send out wedding eve dinner invitations to let your guests know who is invited and give basic details about the evening. Wording the invitations clearly can help prevent any misunderstandings.

Choose which method to send wedding eve dinner invitations, such as handwritten, email or verbally. The Knot, a wedding planning website, suggests creating a physical invitation for out-of-town guests so they have a written reference for the date, time and location.

Write the wedding eve dinner invitation, which has less formal wording than the wedding invitations.

Start out the invitation with the reason for the dinner and the name of the bride and groom. For example, “You are invited to the wedding eve dinner to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Sally Smith and John Anderson.”

Write the day, date and time of the dinner and address of the venue of the dinner. For example, “The dinner will be Friday, Dec. 31 at 6 p.m. at the Winter Wonderland Restaurant, 123 Olive St., Moorhead, Minnesota.” Consider including a separate, small map if the dinner venue is in a difficult-to-find location.

End the invitation by including a name and phone number attendees can call to RSVP their attendance. This will help the organizer of the wedding eve dinner have an accurate count for food and beverages. For example, “RSVP to Courtney at 218-458-8697or reply to this email.”

Add time and location information about wedding rehearsal to wedding eve dinner invitation, if applicable. For example, “Rehearsal immediately after dinner at 7:30 p.m. at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 368 Olive St., Moorhead, Minnesota.”

Add a dinner theme information somewhere on the invitation, if appropriate. For example, if the wedding eve dinner has a beach theme.

Send out wedding eve dinner invitations soon after the wedding invitations have been sent.