How to Word Thank You Notes

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It might seem easier to dash off an email or call someone up, but a carefully worded, handwritten thank you note conveys your gratitude in a way that more instant communication can't. If you are wondering how to word thank notes so they won't sound boring and cliche, give some thought to the gift giver, the occasion and the gift to come up with just the right phrasing.

Think about the gift or occasion for which you need to thank someone. The occasion could be your birthday, anniversary, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party or a favor such as pet sitting or a ride to the airport.

Gather a pen, scrap paper and, if you're writing notes for gifts received at a party at which you received many gifts, the list of the gifts and who gave them to you. Compose unique thank you notes for each gift.

Jot down ideas so you can word thank you notes appropriately. Consider each gift and the gift giver individually to make the thank you note specific. If you are doing many notes, each card does not have to be completely different, but add a bit of creativity. Consider what the gifts mean to you or envision how you will use them. For example, imagine wrapping your new baby in a hooded towel after bath time, or mention a specific dish you'll make using new kitchenware.

Think about what the gift means to you so you can get the wording just right, and also think about your relationship with the giver. Perhaps the gift was from someone who made a special trip to come to your shower or party, or someone you had not seen for a while. Mention that in your note as well as specifically acknowledging the gift. If you were given money or a gift certificate, mention what you will purchase and thank the giver for that gift, not just for the money.

Write neatly when you copy the wording from the scrap paper onto the note card. Make any last minute changes to the wording before copying the thank you note to the card.

Seal and stamp the envelope and mail the thank you card. Remember to do this promptly; everyone will understand that you were away on your honeymoon, for example, but within a few weeks of returning, you should complete your thank you notes.