How to Word Lingerie Shower Invitations

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The bride-to-be has a wedding approaching, and she has not had a bridal shower yet. If you find yourself in charge of throwing a bridal shower, you will need to begin sending out invitations. A lingerie shower, a fun and common theme for bridal showers, will prepare the bride for her wedding night and honeymoon. The invitation will be the first impression guests will have of the shower. When wording the invitations, you will need to include all the important information such as the name of the bride, date, time, location, theme and RSVP information.

Add an introduction to the beginning of the lingerie shower invitation. The introduction needs to invite guests to attend the shower, such as “Please join us for a lingerie shower,” or “You are invited to a lingerie party.” Include the word “lingerie” in the opening line to let guests know the theme of the shower.

Include the bride’s full name on the invitation after the introduction line. Typically, the introduction will lend itself to presenting the bride’s name with a connecting word such as “honoring” or “for.” Wording examples for this include “Attend a bridal shower for Christine May Williams,” or “Your presence is requested for a lingerie shower honoring Lisa May Mitchell.”

Include the date of the lingerie bridal shower. Since this is not a formal event, you can abbreviate the date. A few ways to word the date on the invitation include “09/12/12,” “September 12th” or “the 12th of September 2012.” Ensure that the date is clear to the guests and there is no possible way to misinterpret the date.

Insert the time after the date. Let guests know the exact time to ensure that everyone arrives without confusion. When writing the time, make sure you include “a.m.” or “p.m.” or a way to clarify what time of day the shower will take place. For example, “at 8 in the evening” or “8:30 p.m.” are two ways to clarify the time.

Add the location to the invitation. Typically, the location will be at the bride’s house, but any location that will accommodate the guests works well for bridal showers. Include an address for guests who may not be familiar with the location. “At the house of Alice Shmoch 32 Somewhere Drive, Lincolnville,” or “Located at the Country Club on Pineville Road.”

Place the RSVP information at the end of the invitation. Include the host’s name, a number or e-mail for guests to RSVP to and a date deadline for the RSVP. This would read “Please RSVP to Alice Allen by sending her an e-mail at or calling her at 555-9909 by August 28th.”

Add any further details at the end. Include the bride’s registries by stating, “The bride is registered at (insert names of stores).” If you did not mention the theme at the beginning of the invitation, make sure you include the lingerie theme at the end by adding, “The theme will be a lingerie shower.”