How to Word Graduation Party Invitations

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You're about to graduate from high school, college or a training program, and want to invite friends and family to share in the celebration. Or, perhaps your child or grandchild has graduated, and it's up to you to throw a party for the lucky graduate. You've chosen the design for the invitations, or made your own. Now it's time to create memorable wording for the inside of the card. After all, the card may well become a keepsake for your graduate, so you want it to honor their accomplishment.

Decide on the tone of the card, based on the graduate's personality and the tastes of the people who will be receiving the invitation. If the graduate and her family enjoy a joke, highly humorous wording is appropriate; if they are more formal, it's best to stick to more formal wording. The age of the graduate is also a consideration--wording honoring a youngster's graduation from elementary school should use language the child can understand, even if most of the invitation recipients are adults.

Appropriateness is also determined by the type of program from which the person is graduating. If the event is a major milestone, such as a Bachelor's or Master's degree, the wording should be more serious, or at least recognize the importance of the event. If the graduation party is a casual event honoring something else, such as graduating from a training program, the wording can be shorter.

Enter the basic information first, such as the location of the event, the time and date, the program from which the guest of honor is graduating, and whether the event is a surprise party. Include the name of the host, if different from the graduate's name.

A basic approach can be most effective, especially if the design of the card is busy. There's nothing wrong with simply saying: "Mary Smith is pleased to invite you to the graduation party celebrating her granddaughter Ann Smith's completion of her Master's in Computer Science. Join us for a surprise party at the Beachfront Resort on June 23rd at 2 p.m." Specify if you don't want gifts, as well, since most attendees will otherwise bring gifts. If the party is occurring right after a graduation ceremony, invite guests to the ceremony too, if possible.

Write a verse honoring the graduate if you wish. It doesn't need to rhyme. For instance, you can write something simple, such as: "A celebration honoring/All you've achieved/To send you off into your next adventure/With all our heartfelt wishes." Add it to the beginning of the invitation text inside the card, or incorporate it into the front of the card.

Print or hand-write the text on the cards, adding a personal note to recipients who are close to the graduate or host, if desired.