How to Word a Wine-Tasting Party Invitation

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When you invite your friends over to sip on white, red or bubbly, make the occasion more festive by sending formal invitations -- or at least a cleverly worded e-vite. Choose from a cutesy rhyme or word play to set the mood or simply give the pertinent details so guests understand what the party is all about.

Fun With Words

If the wine-tasting party is a celebration of an event, word the invitation by saying, "Join us to raise a glass and say cheers to our 25th wedding anniversary." For a fun rhyme, try this: "Forget the black ties; it’s no formal affair. Just come as you are for that casual flair. We’ll taste and sip as we reminisce. It’s a gathering of friends not to be missed!"

Don't Forget to Note

Even if you are clever with your invitation, guests should know some important details about the party. As "Epicurious" recommends, be clear that it's a wine-tasting party, not a cocktail or dinner party, and you will expect your guests to take part in the sipping. Additionally, note if you're serving any food and, if asking guests to contribute a dish, include the specific types of wine you'll be tasting, such as French varietals, California whites or sparkling varieties, so the food and wine don't clash. Of course, don't forget the essentials, such as the time, date, place and RSVP details.