How to Word a Dessert Bridal Shower Invitation

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Although she is certainly excited for her big day, the intricate details of planning a wedding can be stressful for even the most relaxed bride. To help the bride relax, her bridesmaids and/or relatives generally host a bridal shower for her. This small event honors the bride-to-be and allows her to celebrate this time with family and friends. At a dessert bridal shower, guests are treated to a variety of sweet indulgences. When preparing the bridal shower invitations, use your words to set the theme for your dessert bridal shower.

Determine the overall tone you wish to display throughout the bridal shower. The tone of the invitation should match the overall theme of the bridal shower. For a classic and traditional bridal shower, use traditional wording and proper British English. For a more lighthearted bridal shower setting, use informal and cheerful invitation wording.

Introduce the reason for the invitation (a bridal shower) and whom the event is honoring (the bride). A traditional introduction might read: “Please join us for a Bridal Shower, honoring our bride-to-be, Lauren Daniels!” On the other hand, recommends the following introduction for a fun and casual invitation: “Karen’s wedding is on the way, let’s get her prepared for her big day!”

Announce the date and time of the bridal shower. Although you should spell out all words and numbers for a formal invitation, you can use informal writing for a casual invitation. For example, use “Sunday, the Third of August, at two o’clock in the afternoon” for formal invitations or “Sunday, August 3 at 2:00 p.m.” for casual invitations. Proofread this information several times before printing and mailing the invitations.

Provide the exact location for the bridal shower. Regardless of your overall theme, use proper address formatting to reduce confusion. This format includes the location name, street address, city, state and ZIP code. If you wish to include a map or directions, print them on a separate card and include it in the invitation envelope.

Acknowledge that you will be serving desserts at the bridal shower. This brief statement allows you to nicely inform guests that they should not expect a full meal at the bridal shower. For a traditional invitation, use the wording: “Desserts and beverages will be served.” A casual invitation might be worded: “Sweet treats will be served, so please bring your sweet tooth!”

Ask guests to RSVP to a specific person. Include a phone number and email address, if desired. A few days before the shower, contact anyone who has not yet RSVP’d to find out if they are attending.