How to Word a Cruise Wedding Invitation

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Cruise weddings are luxurious and romantic, offering a memorable alternative to traditional wedding ceremonies. But many couples still want to be surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. When writing an invitation to a cruise wedding, balance traditional wedding information with more specific details about the cruise. Cruise weddings often require more planning and commitment from the guests, with possible time or financial constraints. The wording of your wedding invitation should be tactful and informative.

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State the exact length of the cruise, from the first day to the last. Providing a realistic time frame will help guests make necessary arrangements and plan ahead. Guests usually look for only one date, so list the dates prominently near the top of the invitation.

Include reservation information. Most couples set up package or group deals for their guests, so provide sufficient contact information and instructions on how to book as part of the wedding party. Since cruises are often pricier than a traditional wedding, you may mention that you'll be covering part of the cost. If you aren't paying, let guests make financial arrangements at their own discretion. If there will be any additional accommodations, mention these as well.

Use descriptive language to extend the invitation to your guests. If the wedding ceremony will be religious, it's traditional to request "the honor of your presence," according to Beau Coup. For a secular ceremony, you have more choices. A cruise wedding is often fun and relaxing, so phrases such as "the pleasure of your company" might be suitable.

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Mention attire, climate and other considerations. Since a cruise wedding is nontraditional, guests will need to know whether to bring along formal wear or more casual outfits. You should also mention miscellaneous clothing items that guests will need on the cruise, such as swimsuits or lounge wear. If the cruise is headed to a hot climate or any area with weather different from local temperatures, mention this in the invitation so that guests can be prepared and comfortable.

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Include contact information. Keep the wedding invitation basic and straightforward, and invite guests to contact you with any further questions about the ceremony. List all relevant contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses. If the guest list is long, you may want to include more than one contact person.