How to Weed Out Clothes When You Are Always Between Sizes

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When you fall in between clothing sizes, your wardrobe and closet space may look a bit cluttered. Whether a collection of multiple sized garments is a result of constantly losing or gaining weight, you can take control by smartly weeding through your garments. A closet jammed full of pants and tops that you only wear part time will frustrate you, especially when you want to get dressed quickly. Establish order in your closet while you cope with shifting sizes.

Make a list of how many outfits you wear per week. For example, if you work in an office five days a week, you need five business outfits. If you go to the gym three times a week, you need three workout outfits. Jot down exactly what you need.

Go through your clothes and throw away the things you do not like, even when you can fit in them. Do not keep clothes you dislike, no matter what size they are.

Sort your clothing by size. Take everything out of the closets and drawers. Create stacks of clothing, according to the sizes. If you have a large wardrobe, divide these collections by season. Pack away winter clothing in summer; put away summer clothes during colder months. This will help you to manage your multiple sized collection. Try on a garment if you are unsure of its size.

Establish a stack of clothing that currently fits you. Arrange two other stacks of clothing, one that is a size smaller and one that is a size larger than your current size. Bag or box up all other clothing for storing or donating.

Working with one size at a time, examine clothing for items that need some type of repair like replacing a zipper or sewing on a button. Set these items aside in a basket or box for mending. Take care of these items at your earliest convenience, then place them in the appropriate size category.

Arrange outfits in each size according to the needs you wrote down. Don't keep pants that do not have a top to match or a blouse that doesn't go with anything.

Hang the clothing in the closet according to size. Have your current size in an accessible place. Push the smaller and larger sized items to the back of the closet.

Review your shoe collection. Weed out shoes that do not match the outfits you have left. Replace any shoes that are too small or too large.