How to Wear Skinny Jeans With Heels


Skinny jeans and high heels; sexy, right? The current fashion trend for women is the revived 1980s-era skinny jean. A slim-fitting silhouette, the skinny jean has been embraced by celebrities, designers and everyday fashionistas. When sized properly, the stretch skinny jean is form-fitting throughout the leg and tapers at the ankle, creating the illusion of tall, lean legs. Pairing the right style of skinny jean and high heels can be a sexy, sophisticated way to lengthen your silhouette.

Invest in a quality, versatile pair of skinny jeans. Go to a credible boutique or department store that offers a variety of skinny jeans. Buy a style in a dark wash ---such as gray, black or indigo blue---for a more flattering look. Choose a brand with a stretchy material that forms nicely to your body shape and hugs the ankles. Ask the sales representative which types of skinny jeans are the best-sellers and for individualized recommendations. Tell the clerk that you plan to wear your skinny jeans with high heels.

Purchase a pair of heels, or choose a pair from your current collection. Pairing the right skinny jeans with high heels and maximize the silhouette with sky-high legs in a super-lean look. Choose a feminine, high-heel style with 2- to 4-inch spike heels, like pointy-toed stilettos, peep-toe heels or strappy sandals. Avoid wedges, booties and shoe varieties that are chunky and heavy with material.

Have skinny jeans hemmed to your height. Visit a qualified store that provides expert alterations. Try on your skinny jeans and high heels together to ensure that the skinny jeans are an ideal fit for leg-lengthening. Hems should not drag on the ground or end above the ankle.

Pair outfit with an appropriate top. As skinny jeans are a tight fit, create a visual balance with a fuller, drapier top. Choose a style that ends below the hips for the most flattering look. Shop for empire waist shirts, billowy blouses and flowing tunics to pair with your skinny jeans and heels.

Play up your best features. If you have fabulous curves, complete the look with a boyfriend blazer or skinny belt. To draw attention away from hips and thighs, accessorize with a chunky necklace or plumed headband.

Seek outfitting inspiration from the professionals. Study fashion runway shows, evaluate celebrity styles and read magazines like "Vogue" and "InStyle" to inject confidence and creativity to your skinny jean and high heel combo.