How to Wear Ladies Winter Berets

by Elizabeth Nash ; Updated September 28, 2017

You can wear a winter beret, a hat with a wide fitted edge and flat top, to stay warm and look stylish during cold weather. You will look sophisticated in a beret if the fit is proper, and your hairstyle befits wearing a hat. In addition, your beret can look elegant if you coordinate it with the rest of your outfit. You can create a cute, French-inspired style by wearing a beret.

Beret Styles

There are many styles of berets available for winter-wear. Wool berets will keep your head warm on particularly cold or wet days, while still making you look stylish. You can also wear berets that are made of knit or cashmere. If you need a more formal option, don a beret with sequins or a flower sewn onto it. A solid-colored beret creates a simpler look. Alternatively, wear a multicolored beret if you want to stand out.

Putting on Your Beret

You can fit a beret on your head in a variety of ways. Fit a knit beret over the back half of your head to create a loose, relaxed look. Do not pull the beret tight around your head or your hair. Create a face-framing look by placing the front edge of the beret two inches behind your hairline. Place the sides of your beret above or behind your ears. Tilt your beret toward one side of your face if your beret is fitted and made of wool.


You can wear a beret with curly, wavy or straight hair. If you have long or medium-length hair, leave it down when you wear a beret. Tuck your hair behind your ears if you want to show off more of your face. Do not pin or tie your hair back and fit it inside your beret. If you have short hair, pull a few strands of hair out around the edge of your beret so the hat does not hide your hair.


You can wear your beret with cold weather outfits and accessories. Wear a white beret with a dark-colored coat to create a contrasting look. Add colorful accessories like pink gloves or a green scarf to create a more colorful outfit. Wear a beret that is the same color as your scarf and mittens if you want to wear a coordinated outfit. Put on a black or white coat to make your accessories stand out.

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