How to Wear Babydoll Dresses

by Zora Hughes ; Updated September 28, 2017

The baby-doll dress has been a popular women's style since the 1960s and seems to find its way back into fashion decade after decade. The dress style is popular because of its empire waist, which hides the belly, which is a problem area for many women. The dress also has a sweet and feminine quality because many dresses for little girls and dolls are made in the same style, hence the name. The style of baby-doll dresses necessitates the need for it to be worn in an age-appropriate manner.

Wear the baby-doll dress with leggings. This works well for those who may feel too old to wear this dress. Select long leggings that cover most of your legs.

Select longer styles of baby-doll dresses. Unless you are a teenager, it is more appropriate to wear a baby-doll dress that comes just a few inches above the knee.

Pair a dressy baby-doll dress with high heels for a night out on the town. The baby-doll dress, combined with the heels, will give you a sweet yet stylishly sexy look.

Wear casual baby-doll dresses with jeans. A baby-doll dress over jeans gives off a relaxed yet still feminine look. Choose skinny jeans for a hint of sophistication.

Keep the rest of your look simple if you choose a busy-patterned baby-doll dress. Don't overcomplicated the look with lots of jewelry or bright shoes.


  • Baby-doll dresses work well for expectant mothers because they do not hug the belly tightly.

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