How to Wear Ankle Boots With Dresses


0:00 hello my name is olive Paige and today

0:02 we're going to talk about how to wear

0:03 ankle boots with dresses so the

0:05 materials that you're going to need is

0:07 the dress itself a couple different

0:09 options of hosiery and of course the

0:11 boots and a mirror is always good the

0:13 three points that you really want to

0:15 consider is the type of dress which is

0:17 going to determine the the length of the

0:20 dress whether it's many more traditional

0:21 or maybe even past the knee the type of

0:23 hosiery you're gonna wear which will be

0:25 you could do Oh peg you can do

0:28 traditional hosiery or maybe even

0:29 something really fun and funky and of

0:31 course finally the style of the ankle

0:33 boot that you'll be wearing what we've

0:35 done here is chose a dark hose this hose

0:38 really contrasts against the dress

0:40 really separates her leg from the dress

0:42 itself so it's like two separate things

0:44 so even though this dress is a little

0:46 bit longer a little bit more

0:47 conservative it still gives her her legs

0:49 their own identity which is really

0:51 really hot and really now now this dress

0:53 that she's wearing with her ankle boots

0:55 is a true mini and it's really young and

0:56 flirty as you can see it's got the

0:59 pattern on it she's got the ruffles at

1:00 the tops pockets on the side so to

1:03 accentuate this look and keep with it

1:05 but still wear the same ankle boots

1:06 we've gone with a little bit more

1:08 traditional hosiery more traditional

1:10 meaning that you can see through it more

1:12 which is a younger look showing a little

1:13 bit more the leg it's still the dark

1:15 color so it still ties in the boots and

1:17 still elongate the leg which is really

1:19 great so as you can see ankle boots are

1:21 now for everybody and they can go into

1:23 every look for every part of your day