How to Wear a Wrap Sweater


0:00 hello I'm image consultant Susan Bigsby

0:03 at Susan Bigsby dot-com in this clip I'm

0:07 going to show you how to wear a wrap

0:08 sweater what is a wrap sweater well it's

0:12 actually a sweater with sleeves that has

0:15 this long front almost like a sweater

0:20 and a pashmina or a sweater and a shawl

0:22 in one piece so you can either I love

0:25 this look with jeans either white jeans

0:28 or dark jeans whatever kind of jeans you

0:31 want to wear it's pretty with dress

0:32 pants too I like it best with pants

0:35 because of the overall long line now you

0:38 can let it drape you can gather it up

0:42 and tie the long front pieces and just

0:45 flip it over and I actually like this

0:49 look probably a little bit better

0:51 because it shows the waist a little bit

0:53 more it shows a little bit more of the

0:55 figure it looks more pulled together

0:57 it's not quite as sloppy and quite as

0:59 casual you have different preferences

1:01 and different ways of wearing things for

1:03 different reasons and different events

1:05 but this is a really nice look and it's

1:07 a it's totally relaxed and soft and a

1:10 little bit more updated now another

1:13 thing you can do if you're wearing maybe

1:15 a little dressier look as you can wrap

1:18 it around you and and really I and I

1:21 have you turn around and then you will

1:25 tie it and tie it behind yourself one

1:30 note that I want you all to be aware of

1:32 when you see these little tags hanging

1:35 on your scarves or your sweaters and

1:37 they're going to be exposed take a very

1:39 sharp small pair of scissors and clip

1:41 those off that's not really attractive

1:44 it's nice to know who the designer is

1:46 but this is about the manufacturer's

1:48 information and you don't need it so

1:50 turn around and look how gorgeous and

1:52 flattering this looks and it really

1:54 showcases your necklaces and your

1:56 jewelry if you'd like to accessorize a

1:59 little bit better like that one more way

2:01 you can do this and this is even

2:04 dressier is to take one of the sides and

2:08 just throw it up over your shoulder kind

2:12 of fix the neckline a little bit

2:14 and it's a very elegant look and then

2:16 one side just drapes down and looks very

2:19 flattering and very pretty and that's a

2:21 very very chic look this is pretty

2:23 overall black is extremely elegant this

2:28 has been Susan Bigsby thanks for

2:30 watching