How to Wear a Sportcoat

Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, a sportcoat is a day to night fashion item that can fit into the wardrobe of nearly everyone. Learn how to wear a sportcoat casually, for professional occasions, or for a night on the town. A few simple tips will make you the best dressed.

Begin with the occasion. If you're dressing for the day or going out at night, you will want to piece together your wardrobe accordingly. Select the sportcoat in advance because the rest of your wardrobe will center around its color and style. Make sure your sportcoat is clean and wrinkle free.

For a day look, pair your sportcoat with a pair of smart jeans and a button-down shirt. Think casual, not work; you don't want to look like you intended to wear a suit but missed the target. This means clean, classy jeans, not too baggy, and well fitting. Use a nice belt if necessary. Your button-down shirt should be worn without a tie, and buttoning your top button is optional. The coloring should match with your sportcoat, which means complementary shirt colors to set off the sportcoat. Button a single button or leave the jacket open for an easy look. Keep your shoes casual but avoid athletic shoes.

For a professional look ideally situated at a country club or other semi-casual environment, your sportscoat can be worn with a nice pair of khakis. On top, try a nice button-down shirt that will give a professional look when worn alone if you chose to remove your jacket. Match a belt with your shoes, which should be nice loafers or professional shoes. Your jacket should accent your look but avoid matching the pants to the jacket; your sportcoat is an accent, not a suit piece. For a bit of style, try pairing your sportcoat with a polo shirt and buttoning the coat fully. A tie can also be worn.

For evening, wear your sportcoat in a modern way. Dress for a night on the town by putting on your favorite jeans and t-shirt. Add your sportcoat on top and leave the look unbuttoned. This look, which can be personalized based on the occasion, is a great chance to show your personal style. This means adding your favorite accessories and being liberal with color mixing and patterns. Your shoes can be anything that reflects your own taste. To keep the look fresh, purchase a black sportcoat, which mixes with any occasion and style.