How to Wear a Khada Dupatta

by Chelsea Fitzgerald ; Updated September 28, 2017

Indian women often wear the khada dupatta for formal occasions.

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A khada dupatta is a draped veil worn over a tunic -- or kurta -- and slim pants or pyjamas. Muslim women wear it for weddings and other special occasions. Draping the veil correctly prevents it from dragging the floor or getting in the way during the event or a ceremony. This elaborate ensemble gives the wearer a breathtaking and exotic look during the special occasion.

Put on the tunic and pants.

Hold the khada dupatta so that you can locate the center part that is not attached to the border.

Tuck the section of the khada dupatta that is not attached to the border into the waistband of your pants on your backside.

Pick up the left side of the khada dupatta and arrange it into folded pleats with your hands.

Slide the pleated portion over your left shoulder.

Position this side of the veil so that any excess fabric drapes behind your left shoulder. The goal is for the veil to go down the front left of your body, but not to drag the floor or hinder your walking.

Pin the veil to your left shoulder with a decorative pin.

Pleat the right side of the veil and bring it over your right shoulder in the same fashion so that it drapes attractively around the back and does not hinder your walking.

Pull the right side so that it covers your chest area and bring it down to your waist. Pin it in place at your waist so that it continues to cover the chest area.


  • Often, antique or treasured decorative pins are handed down from one generation to the next to be worn with the khada dupatta, particularly for wedding ceremonies.

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